Four statements of Wisdom

The Chief Inspector Armand Gamache book series is written by Louise Penny Louise Penny’s website

Penny originally began writing a historical novel but changed to mystery writing after finding trouble finishing. She entered the first book of the series, Still Life, in the “Debut Dagger” competition in the United Kingdom, placing second out of 800 entries.

The series is based on the character of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. The stories take place usually in the village of Three Pines, with Gamache investigating the murders of various people in each novel. They have been described as “character-driven” mysteries that explore the relationships between characters with each book in the series. Three Pines is a fictional location set in the province of Quebec, with Penny setting up the characters using the history of old Canada to show their personalities and backgrounds. In the series, a few of the plots are set outside of Three Pines.

Inspector Gamache is a likable, honest man who gets placed in the most trying situations in a dirty police department. One of the reasons he survives is that he is a kind soul and plays by four statements of wisdom. Those statements are:

I don’t know

I was wrong

I am sorry

I need help

Throughout the Inspector Gamache mystery series, these four statements have helped him solve crimes, patch relationships, and become a better man. He tries to teach these four statements to his recruits and reinforce those statements to senior officers.

What I find amazing is that these statements do work. Recently I stepped in it big time. As I tried to manage the situation, I found that each of these statements worked for me. It did not change the outcome, but it provides wisdom to me as I walked the path I set in motion.

So I challenge you to think about something in your past and follow these statements to see if the statements provide wisdom to you.

Until next time,

Frank Szewczyk


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