Buyer Beware!

Recently I decided to test out some of the ads that appear on Facebook. Specifically, I reviewed ads that promoted SEO, blogging, and novel writing. Out of 20 ads only two turned out to be useful. You can email me if you would like to know what I liked.  The other 18 were well-hyped trash.

One ad redirected me to the oldest ad on the web. You probably remember those ads which seemed to be at least two miles long promising everything under the sun. Along those two miles every foot there was a button to buy now and save before the price goes up or until the offer is fully booked.

Another promised a lifestyle on the beach by becoming a writer. First take our three $ figure course and you can write from the sand.

Another filled my inbox with so much crap I unsubscribed.

Another had a limited offer if you pay a nominal shipping charge. That limited time offer has been ongoing for three months and counting.

Still another promised that you could write an ebook in less than a day and make big bucks.

What these mavens of “information” don’t tell you is that you need to check your brain at the door. They really are not interested in you becoming a better blogger, or SEO expert, or novelist. They want you to spend money on their product period.  Whether you are a success or not is irrelevant just buy my product.

Their other goal is to capture your email address so they can flood your inbox with solicitations for more crap. Snake oil salespeople know once they obtain a critical mass of email addresses a certain percentage will respond to their offers. With a large enough database even a $2 profit can generate money.

After reading several different blog freebies you realize that there is nothing new under the sun. The freebies essentially say the same things. The problem is nothing is free! How much would you charge someone to read their material? How much is an hour of your time worth? How many lost opportunities do you miss because you spent time on Facebook and then in your email inbox awaiting the guaranteed way to make a six-figure income?

The two websites for writers I found interesting and invested my time and money were hype-free and straightforward. No insults to my intelligence. No absurd promises. No promises to make one a great writer and cure cancer or bring world peace with the purchase of their product.

In retrospect maybe the other 18 sites were just promoting “sales fiction” writing.

Buyer beware my friends!





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