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Frank and Karen married for 39 years


My name is Frank Jacob Szewczyk (sef-check)…..Thank you for visiting my blog.

I have spent most of my life talking about a wide variety of ideas.  I have had three distinct careers. Banking, IT consulting and ordained ministry. In each position, my job was to interpret the ideas and language of each profession. I have been married to Karen Smiricky for 39 years.

As a bank branch manager and financial planner, I was on the custom retail side of the operation. My job was to help people make good financial decisions and manage the staff of the branch. Every day I had to interpret the goals of the bank, my customers, and staff and try to get all three in alignment.

As an IT consultant, I was the interpreter between the business that needed new solutions and our engineers and salespeople. I would talk to everyone from senior management to warehouse people to learn their needs and goals. I would interpret those needs and goals to our software engineers to customize a solution.

As a pastor, I spent 20 years interpreting a liberal Protestant faith to the churches and community I served.  The ultimate why questions often came up in our discussions.

Recently I took an early “retirement” from ministry to take care of family and to decompress from 9 years as a pastor of a small church.  The past months have been wonderful as I have enjoyed caring for family and reconnecting with my wife after 60+ hour weeks away from home especially on the weekends.

Today I am writing a mystery novel, A Hack in Time Solves the Crime.  I am blogging about life. After stomach reduction surgery I have lost 90 pounds in 11 months and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Lately, have been thinking about a ukelele and dusting off my wood carving knives for holiday ornaments. I am also looking for full-time employment as we have taken care of the needs of my family.

I thank you for checking my blog.

The best for you and yours,


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